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Golden Pyrite with Purple Quartz and 14kt Gold


A Beautiful Collection of Golden Pyrite with Purple Quartz and 14kt Gold.

(6mm Gemstones and 3mm Gold)

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Golden Pyrite is a natural stone that has been enhanced so the inclusions of quartz take on a colorful tone.  Golden Pyrite is referred to as “Cats Gold”.  It is known to shield from negative energy and inspire you to understand what your full potential is and work toward reaching it.  Goldstone’s meaning is that of a stone of inspiration, and even a warrior stone, for its ability  to transmute ideas into physical manifestations of power.  Pyrite is an empowering mineral.  The gemstone Pyrite is also known as “Fools Gold”.  The Color purple is the color of detoxification as well as healing.  It represents the the highest chakra , located above the crown area of the head.  The combination of this Golden Pyrite enhanced with Purple Quartz is amazing.

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