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Tibetan (DZI) Black Wave Gemstones and Black Onyx


A Beautiful Collection of Tibetan Black Wave Gemstones with Black Onyx.


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The DZI meaning is Shine, Brightness and Cleanness.  The DZI is uniquely Tibetan Stone.  It has a shiny black and white design, characterized by a strong eye pattern.  This stone possesses mysterious powers and brings good fortune to the wearer.  In Tibet, the stone has been loved as a good luck charm and has been sacred as they consider it to have the energy from the heavens.  They believe that it will protect the owner from any kind of disasters.  The popularity of the DZI is in their healing and curative powers, their enhancing their protection.  Black Onyx is such an elegant stone and mixed with 14kt Gold can be worn with everything.  Nearly all black onyx on the market today are color enhanced.  Black Onyx is known to enhance self control, decision making, intuition, and protection.  It is widely believed that black onyx can change your habits and absorb negative energy of people to release mental stress and promote emotional well being.  Black Onyx symbolizes purity.

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