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November 2, 2020
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November 2, 2020
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Lava, Blue Pearl Gemstones and Hematite


A Beautiful Collection of Lava and Blue Pearl Gemstones with Hematite.

(8mm, 6mm and 4mm)


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Lava Gemstones pack a double punch of looking beautiful and allegedly possessing healing properties.  There are bubbly holes on the surface lava.  Lava Stone is a volcanic rock that gets released during a volcanic eruption.  After the lava cools down it crystalizes and creates these intriguing, sponge like lava stones.  The nature-like appearance is the reason of its popularity.  They are known to be a perfect way to balance emotions and help physical healing, giving strength, Courage, Energy and Creativity.  Blue Pearl , also known as Larvikite, is a silvery-gray mixture that displays opalescent flashes of blue.  The distinctive flash of this stone is known as labradorescence.  This stone is known to control negative thinking and feelings.  It is a amulet to overcome negative energy such as sadness, anxiety and anger.  Hematite stones are for Grounding and Balancing.  Also known to relieve pain.


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