Golden Pyrite with Blue Quartz Bracelet
Golden Pyrite with Blue Quartz
June 7, 2013
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Labradorite and Faceted Tiger’s Eye


A Beautiful Collection of Labradorite with AB Luster and Faceted Tiger’s Eye.

(8mm and 6mm Gemstones)

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The Labradorite stone is a soft gray that exhibits flashes of blues and purples as they move around the light. As the light enters the stone and is refracted back and forth between layers is when it shows many different colors. This stone is said to act as a shied of protection to those who wear it.  It is also thought to detoxify the body and promote self-transformation. This Tiger’s Eye is faceted with luster and shine.  Tiger’s Eye is known to bring good luck, protection and balance of mind.  It also benefits protection for self and home. The Tiger’s Eye stone meaning is highly motivational, and pushes you to move past any boundaries you have set for yourself and reminds you of your inner strength and capability. The energies of this stone will motivate you to achieve goals and complete all of your tasks with energy and enthusiasm.

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