14kt Yellow and White Gold
14kt Yellow and White Gold
February 4, 2021
Lava Gemstones
Lava Gemstones
February 4, 2021
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Tiger Eye Matte Stones and Black Lava


A Beautiful Collection of Tiger Eye Matte and Black Lava Gemstones.

(10mm )

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Tiger’s Eye is known to bring good luck, protection and balance of mind.  It also benefits protection for self and home.  The Tiger’s Eye crystal stone meaning is highly motivational, and pushes you to move past any boundaries you have set for yourself and reminds you of your inner strength and capability. Lava Gemstones pack a double punch of looking beautiful and allegedly possessing healing properties.  There are bubbly holes on the surface lava.  Lava Stone is a volcanic rock that gets released during a volcanic eruption.  After the lava cools down it crystalizes and creates these intriguing, sponge like lava stones.  The nature-like appearance is the reason of its popularity.  They are known to be a perfect way to balance emotions and help physical healing, giving strength, Courage, Energy and Creativity.

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